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PALAZZO SANTI TERZI (Categoria: Case e appartamenti vacanze )
VIA DEL TRIBUNALE 78 - Tel.: +39 335 383173
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Welcome to the home page of Palazzo Santiterzi... my name is Michele Grandjacquet, and I'm the lucky owner, together with my brothers Paolo and Costantino, of this very special property situated in Umbria, right in the heart of Italy: my message to you is that a week in San Gemini will make you feel good!

Thru this website we are offering you our privately owned, upscale properties: pick the right time in mid season and enjoy top properties at a very reasonable price... take a look at the stunning 7 bedroom house of Santi Terzi or at the cozy 3 bedroom villa of Casa del Poggio and see for yourself, you can find accommodation for up to 24 people at Palazzo!

What makes San Gemini special is a very simple mix of factors: do not expect glamour nor tourist oriented attitudes, be ready to experience basic feelings of peace and coziness, a very natural life pace made of small things... do not underestimate the strategic position on the map: Rome is 1 hour away, Firenze is less than 2 hours away, and all of Umbria is there to be discovered on short and relaxed day trips. Take a stroll thru this handmade website and find out if the town of San Gemini is the right place for your next trip with friends or family: if so, our houses are ready for you.



Mr. Michele Grandjacquet

Mobile: +39 335 383173


EAST - Mr. Paolo Grandjacquet

Mobile: +1 (518) 441-7101

WEST - Mr. Costantino Grandjacquet

Mobile: +1 (435) 640-3324

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